2/19 Bussell Highway 
Busselton WA
Phone: 0897515840
Email: urbanbusso@gmail.com

The Urban Coffee House

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Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu


Flat white - Cappuccino -

Long black -Latte

Regular $4

Large $4.8 Extra Large $6.5

Mocha - Dirty chai

White Vienna - Black Vienna

Regular $4.20

Large $5 Extra Large $6.7

Espresso - Short macchiato $3.9

Piccolo Latte $4

Long macchiato

(traditional or topped up) $4.5

Affogato $6

Double espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Bullet coffee

High Fat Low Carb coffee made with butter, coconut oil and espresso.

Regular $4.20 large $5.

extra large $6.70

Monin coffee syrups +$0.5

Add to any drink: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Peppermint.

Milk options:

~Full cream bannister downs

~All lite bannister downs

~Vitasoy Barista + $0.5

~Almond Breeze Barista Blend +$0.5

~so good unsweetened almond+$0.5

~Pure harvest coconut +$0.5

~Liddells lactose free+$0.5


Hot chocolate

Made with Aplen blend Chocolate served with marshmallows

Regular $4 Large $4.80

Extra Large $6.50

Add peppermint.50c

Chai latte

Made with Chai Elixir syrup.

Regular $4 Large $4.80

Extra Large $6.50

Turmeric latte

Turmeric, ginger and cinnamon spice topped with hot milk & cinnamon.

Caffeine free, anti inflammatory properties.

Regular $4 Large $4.8

Extra large $6.50

Beetroot hot cacao

Real beetroot juice blended with organic raw cacao, topped with steamed milk.

Regular $4.2 Large $5

Extra Large $6.7

Prana chai tea

Masala blend chai handmade with quality whole spices from around the world, soaked in natural honey..

Served in steamed milk.

Large $5 Extra Large $5.50

RAW hot CAcao

organic raw cacao topped with steamed milk.

Regular $4 Large $4.80

Extra Large $6.50

Red latte

Shot of 100% rooibos tea topped with steamed milk and dusted

with cinnamon.

Rooibos tea has 5 times the

antioxidant of green tea and it's

naturally caffeine free!

Regular $4 Large $4.8

Extra Large $6.50

loose leaf elmstock tea

Pot for 1 $4.6

Pot for 2 $7

English breakfast

Earl grey



Gun powder green


Gen mai cha

Witches brew

Arctic fire

Rosehip tang

Lemon grass and ginger


Bombay chai

Lemon myrtle

Wild berries


Blood orange rooibos

Smoothies $9.30 (kids $7)

Urban: Banana, almonds, cinnamon, local honey, ice, ice cream & milk.

Berry: Mixed berries, natural yoghurt, local honey, ice, ice-cream & milk.

Mango: Mango nectar, ice cream & ice.

Green: Baby spinach, banana, apple juice, spirulina, greek yoghurt & ice.

Turmeric: Turmeric, coconut, ginger, cinnamon, chia seeds, banana.

Kickstarter: Banana, oats, honey, cinnamon, ice & milk.

Blue bomb: Blue berries, banana, ice, coconut water.

Envy: Dates, Spiralina, Spinach, Cucumber, Mint, Coconut water.

add oats, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, or pepita seeds .50c

add almonds, chia seeds, raw cacao, Spirulina, blueberries $1

Iced tea $5.5 choose your brew..

Witches brew iced tea:

Hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves, orange peels, apple & safflowers.

Wild berries iced tea:

Hibiscus, apple, rosehip, elderberries, bilberries, raspberry, blackberries and strawberries. Has a great aroma & tangy flavour.

Lemongrass and ginger iced tea:

ginger, lemon,lemongrass, & liquorice.

Iced drinks $8

Vanilla ice-cream, ice & milk

Served with cream.





Iced latte or long black.

Served with ice only



Extra large $6.50

Fizzy Spiders $8


-Lemmy lemonade

-karma cola


Chocolate, Spearmint, Strawberry,

Vanilla, Banana, Caramel.

Kids size $3 - Full size $6

Frappes $8.5





Blended ice-cream, ice, milk .

Served with cream

Juices $9.30(kids $7)

Beauticians delight:Beetroot, carrot, celery, apple & ginger.

Detox: Orange, carrot, apple & ginger.

Refresher: Mint, watermelon & apple.

Citrus Zinger: Lemon, lime, apple & orange.

Pear zappa: Lemon, pear, apple, & frozen berries.

Veggie mix: Beetroot, ginger, carrot, celery & spinach.

Fruit mix: Apple, orange, watermelon, pear.

Green machine: Ginger, celery, mint, pear, spinach.

Ranga: Lemon, carrot, orange.

Fresh red: Fresh apple juice, topped with a double shot of red espresso rooibos tea and fresh mint. $9.9