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The Urban Coffee House

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Catering Menu

Morning tea

prices per head

fruit platter (GF) $4.7

fresh Seasonal fruit.

Cake and slice platter (GF) $6

Variety of hand made cakes and slices in bite sized pieces.

(Dairy free, nut free, Vegan,

refined sugar free available)

Mini muffins sweet or savoury $2

house made from scratch.

Jumbo muffins sweet or savoury $4.70

House made from scratch.

Mixed savoury croissants $7.5

variety of fillings :ham, cheese, tomato red onion, avocado, chicken, pineapple,


prices per head

Triangle Sandwiches

with mixed fillings $7.50

Fresh meat and salad gourmet sandwiches

or wraps with mixed fillings. $11.50


Urban morning tea package

$13 per head

-Fresh fruit platter (GF)

-Cake and slice platter (GF)

-Quiche triangles (GF)

Urban lunch platter package

$19.50per head

-Fresh fruit platter.(GF)

-Mixed platter of slices, cakes.(GF)

-Mixed platter of wraps.

(GF option available)


(all gluten free)

Individual salad boxes.)$11

add fresh chicken, ham, salmon $5

add nuts and seeds $3

large share bowls

(10-12 side serves)

$50 Each

-Roast veggie salad.(vegan) (GF)

-Duo potato with spring onion and seeded mustard mayo.(GF) (VEGO)

-potato, bacon and egg salad (GF)

-Mediterranean zucchini and feta. (GF VEGO)

-Greek Salad .(GF VEGO)

-Quinoa and roast veggies salad. (GF VEGAN)

-Coleslaw.(GF VEGO)

-Vietnamese coleslaw (GF VEGAN)

-wild rice salad (GF VEGAN)

-asian noodle salad GF VEGAN)

-cauliflower rice salad. (GF VEGAN)

-Broccoli, bacon and sweet potato. (GF)

-pear, parmeson and rocket salad (GF VEGO)

-roast pumpkin, beetroot with chickpea and feta salad. (GF VEGO)

-detox salad: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, celery, almonds, with a lemon and ginger dressing. (GF VEGAN)

Finger food options..

$3 per head for each item.

2 pieces per serve

~Vegetarian or bacon and feta quiche triangles with tomato chutney.(GF)

~Meat balls with home made

tomato chutney.(GF)

~Spinach and ricotta stuffed

mushrooms.(GF Vego)

~Sausage rolls with tomato sauce.

~Crispy vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.(vegan)

~teriyaki chicken skewers.(GF Dairy Free)

~Puff pastry pinwheels:

-Basil pesto and roast veg. (vego)

-Ham salami and onion jam.

1 piece per serve

~Mini tuna patties with seeded

mustard mayo.(GF Dairy free)

~Mini chic pea and pumpkin patties with

tomato chutney.

(Gluten free, Vego, dairy free, vegan )

~mini wraps, with mixed fillings.

~Spinach & ricotta filo triangles.(vego)

~Mini Popeye pizza turkish breads with spinach, roast pumpkin, feta, basil pesto,

& balsamic glaze.(vego)

~BBQ chicken pizza turkish breads with

bbq chicken, capsicum red onion spinach & cheese.

Whole cakes and slices

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

- gluten free

24cm $45 (12 slices)

30cm $60 (16 slices)

Baked keto new york cheese cake with strawberry compote

-sugar free

-gluten free

24cm $90

All gluten free slices $40

Salted caramel slice

White chocolate and macadamia



Lemon and passion fruit